24" Multi Colored Craft Zippers
24" Multi Colored Craft Zippers

24" Multi Color Finished Zips - 25 pcs.

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Part Number:3cf.multi.25pcx24

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Pick One Grouping:
Shades of Pink & Purple
Shades of Reds & Pinks
Blues & Turquoise
Boring Neutrals: Beige, Tan, Browns
White, Grays, Blacks
Yellows & Golds
Corals & Oranges
Just Purples
A Bit of Everything
Easter Egg Colors
Selection of fun colors for little pouches, bags, crafts.

25 different colors.
#3 coil zippers: small, strong, & flexible.
24" finished, closed bottom zippers.

Videos on my Facebook Page on how to make little triangle bags.  More patterns & videos coming soon.

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