Happy to take returns if you ordered a zipper you can't use.

Before you return your zippers, give me a call & we can figure out what might be wrong.

Know that we will ship the closest dye lot to what you ordered.  And dye lots do change. 


    1) The zipper may not be changed or altered in any way for a return.


    2) If you change your mind, there is a 25% restocking fee.


    3)  We do not pay shipping on orders you don't want or choose to cancel or return.  I will refund zipper price when they are received in original condition.


    4) If we ship the incorrect item, give me a call or text & I will call you.  I will send the correct zippers & a new shipping label inside box to return the incorrect zippers.  We try REALLY HARD not to make mistakes, but they do happen at 3pm with not enough chocolate!

    5) We take returns UP TO 30 days after your order.

Alicia's Cell & Text: 970.231.1434

(just know that my cell phone messages fill up quickly so texting is the easiest way to reach me.  Please include your "ZL number", your first name, & the problem.  Pictures are good too.)

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