For all you Purse Makers, a/k/a Bag Ladies, I found these zippers just for you!  

Looks like metal, but is metallic coil so you don't cut your hand reaching into a bag.

Most manufacturers call these a #5 COIL zipper.  But there are many QUALITIES of zippers & mine are a bit heavier, tape is stronger.  Because the electroplating of the coil makes the coil a bit bigger in diameter, I have designated it #7 & purchased specific pulls just for this shiny zipper yardage.

I've also included here fabulous metal zippers in #5 through #15, both yardage & separating or jacket zippers.  You can always use a jacket zipper in a bag by just covering or cutting off the box & pin at the bottom.

Life is SHORT! Zip it Up!

ps- my #5 coil zipper pulls do NOT fit this zipper but my #7 coil pulls WILL!
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Pulls for #7 Coil Zipper
Silver Pulls for #7 Coil Zipper
Shiny Gold Stars
Polished GOLD on Black Tape #5
Polished GOLD on Navy Tape
#5 Shiny Gold Separating 40
#5 Shiny Gold Separating 42
$9.95  $7.95
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