I am only the Zipper Lady because I needed zippers for my own business.  I made my first slipcover in 1976 (6 cushion sofa, $35) & have made draperies, fancy bedding, cushions, slipcovers in Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Laguna Beach.  

I use these zippers EVERY DAY & have never had a problem.  Every now & then an invisible zipper will split if I sew too close to the teeth or over them.

Please check my videos above for easy zipper installation techniques.  I post them on youtube (The Zipper Lady), facebook (The Zipper Lady Group) & pinterest (Zipper Lady).

Happy to stop past your store or workroom to teach you a few quick tricks about zippers.  Or as my son says, I'll work for Starbucks!

As we get more busy, I don't get a chance to answer the phone...... please text me or email me.  Many days I don't get to emails until the end of the day so be patient!  Yes, we really do get over 1,000 emails/day!

When I'm on the road, calls are answered by Cass (Head Geek) or Eva (Henry's Mom & Head Shipper).

IF you are used to calling with your order, please text instead so that Cass can call you back or try ordering on the website.

LIFE is SHORT! Zip it Up!
cell: 970-231-1434
fax: 1-970-224-5566
email: [email protected] 

Facebook: The Zipper Lady

Zipper Lady Warehouse
1304 Duff Drive #10
Fort Collins, CO 80524
We are around 9-3 Monday through Thursday but call ahead!

We will continue to ship!  Please be patient!  Know that we are washing our hands & our hope is we all will be OK!

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