I am only the Zipper Lady because I needed zippers for my own business.  I made my first slipcover in 1976 (6 cushion sofa, $35) & have made draperies, fancy bedding, cushions, slipcovers in Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Laguna Beach.  

I use these zippers EVERY DAY & have never had a problem.  Every now & then an invisible zipper will split if I sew too close to the teeth or over them.

Please check my videos for easy zipper installation techniques.

I'll be driving past your store or workroom so get a few of your friends together & I'll teach you a few quick tricks about zippers.  Or as my son says, I'll work for Starbucks!

If you have questions, please give a call.  We can set up a skype call so that I can be next to your sewing machine.

LIFE is SHORT! Zip it Up!
cell: 970-231-1434
fax: 1-970-224-5566
email: help@TheZipperLady.com 

The Zipper Lady Warehouse
1304 Duff Dr.,  #10
Ft. Collins, CO 80524

Facebook: The Zipper Lady
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