I stock both coil & molded tooth in #10 or 10mm zipper.

Both are very strong.

The zippers below are COIL.  Molded tooth are in the categories on the left under #10 Molded Marine.

Coil is more pliable which means it will travel along a curve better.  Coil is nylon on a polyester twill tape. 

Molded tooth is RESIN not plastic like other brands.  RESIN is more sun & salt resistant than plastic.  Plastic gets brittle in a marine environment which causes the teeth to break off.

This size zipper (#10 or 10mm) is overkill for cushions, even boat cushions.  Use #5 or 5mm zipper, medium weight, for windowseats, sofa, or boat cushions.

Both types of zippers give enhanced performance when treated with beeswax (candles) or white bar soap.  I have also sprayed a little of the dry-grease lube that I use on my bike chain on a paper towel & applied to an abused tent zipper.

What my video below to compare the different types of zippers & how to put the heads on your zippers:

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