The Three Zippers Every Seamstress, Designer Must Know

Posted by The Zipper Lady on 11/19/2014
Zipper knowledge is important to the success of every seamstress and fashion designer. And, while there are many zippers doing all sorts of jobs, the three zippers that every clothing professional must know are the coil zipper, the invisible zipper, and the open-ended zipper. 

Four Unique DIY Crafts Using Zippers

Posted by The Zipper Lady on 10/20/2014
Who would have thought that uncommon crafts can come out of common craft supplies such as zippers? With a slew of zippers that come in all the possible colors and sizes you could ever need, there is no reason why you can't experiment with them and come up with something creative to keep or give away these holidays.

7 Throw Pillow Design Ideas

Posted by TheZipperLady on 5/17/2014
Throw pillows are a cute bunch. They spruce up bland or battered couches, sofas or beds, and are cuddly to boot. They can also be made fresh from scratch or recycled from some other discarded fabric. And whatever your skill level, they are easy to sew. All you need are basic sewing tools, creativity and lots of passion. Go ahead and try your hand at making one or a dozen with these design ideas.

Stitching Zippers for Upholstery Fabrics

Posted by TheZipperLady on 5/7/2014
Sewing a zipper into the back of a pillow cushion cover has several benefits. Firstly, it secures the pillow inside the cushion which is ideal for people who toss about a lot in their sleep. Zippered cushions are also easy to remove during a machine wash and can be made to blend with the overall design of the fabric. Zippers can be sewed on slipcovers, couch cushions, duvet covers and decorative pillow fabrics. Here are some simple sewing tips.

Zip Past 4 Common Zipper Problems

Posted by TheZipperLady on 4/25/2014
Despite the zipper's long history (a little more than a century), problems as common as a stuck zipper remain well into the digital age. That might change sooner than we expect: Rumor has it that the trusty old zipper is going to get a modern twist. But until that arrives, what do you with a zipper that won't budge?

Common Zipper Problems and What You Can Do About It

Posted by TheZipperLady on 4/25/2014
The zipper or fly is considered as a convenient invention made in the last century. Its design may be simple and others may normally take it for granted, but there’s no denying the benefits this basic item brings to your fabrics, bags or garments.
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