Tan #3 Coil Zipper Yardage
Tan #3 Coil Zipper Yardage

Tan #3 Pillow Zipper - 200 yard roll - sale

On sale $75.00
Part Number:tan.3.sale

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Zipper Tape:
200 Yard Roll
Short Pulls on Auto-Lock Bodies for Upholstery:
50 pulls - .20/ea.
100 pulls - .20/ea.
150 pulls - .20/ea.
200 pulls - .20/ea.
300 pulls - .19/ea.
400 pulls - .18/ea.
3mm across the closed coil & 1" across the total tape.
Nylon coil on Polyester tape.
Inherently UV protected.

This is a workroom essential!
Best used on pillows, neckrolls, chair pads, duvet covers.
Easy to sew in.  Easy to hide. Works great in high stress areas especially for commercial work.

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