Tan Double #10 Coil Pull
Tan Double #10 Coil Pull

TAN #10 Coil Double Pull

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Double Long Pulls:
1 Double - 2.25/ea.
2 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
3 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
4 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
5 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
10 Doubles - 2.05/ea.
15 Doubles - 2.05/ea.
25 Doubles - 1.95/ea.
50 Doubles- 1.50/ea.
Tan #10 Coil Zipper Pulls

Non-locking body
Double Pull - 2" long

These pulls are used on #10 coil zipper so that you can open the zipper from the inside or out.

IF you have a broken pull on a "Waterproof" ** zipper, just use nippers to cut off the side you don't need.

** "Waterproof" is in quotes because USUALLY it's just a zipper that has been turned around with the pull on the BACK of the zipper coil.  Not really waterproof..... just a facsimile of.

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