Pink Tape, Silver Metal Teeth
Pink Tape, Silver Metal Teeth

Silver Teeth, Pink Tape

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1 Yard ($3.90/yd)
2 yds. (3.90/yd)
3 yds. (3.90/yd)
4 yds. (3.90/yd)
5 yds. ($3.70/yd)
10 yds. (3.70/yd)
15 yds. (3.60/yd)
20 yds. (3.60/yd)
25 yds. (3.60/yd)
50 Yards ($3.40/yd)
100 Yards ($3.20/yd)
Long Pulls:
1 Long Pull - .79
2 Long Pulls: .79/ea.
3 Pulls: .79/ea.
4 Pulls: .79/ea.
5 Pulls: .79/ea.
10 Pulls: .79/ea.
25 Pulls: .69/ea.
50 Pulls: .65/ea.
100 Pulls: .60/ea.

This is a "Candy" Pink with nickel or silver teeth.
Zipper is a #5 or 5mm tooth.
Pulls or sliders or zipper heads ARE NOT included with a yard of zipper. 
Pulls must be ordered separately.
If you want 2 yards = click the 1 yard button at top & in the square at bottom put a "2".
Add as many pulls as you need & add to cart.
I do not currently have samples of the colors for metal zippers.

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