Shiny Rainbow Electro-Plated COIL Zipper Yardage
Shiny Rainbow Electro-Plated COIL Zipper Yardage

Shiny RAINBOW #7 Coil on Black Zipper Tape

Your Price: $5.29
Part Number:blkrain.7.y

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1 Yard - $5.29/yd.
2 yds. - $5.29/yd.
3 yds. - $5.29/yd.
4 yds. - $5.29/yd.
5 yds. - $4.90/yd
6 yds. - $4.90/yd..
7 yds.- $4.90/yd.
8 yds.- $4.90/yd.
9 yds.- $4.90/yd.
10 yds. - $4.50/yd.
15 yds.- $4.50/yd.
25 yds.- $4.00/yd.
50 yds.- $3.50/yd.
Rainbow Pulls:
1 Pull - $2/ea.
2 Pulls - $2/ea.
3 Pulls - $2/ea.
4 Pulls - $2/ea.
5 Pulls - $2/ea.
6 Pulls - $2/ea.
7 Pulls -$2/ea.
8 Pulls - $2/ea.
9 Pulls - $2/ea.
10 Pulls - $2/ea.
15 Pulls - $1.85/ea.
20 Pulls - $1.85/ea.
40 Pulls - $1.50/ea.
50 Pulls - $1.25/ea.
Shiny Rainbow coil on Black Tape.
This is a NYLON coil with fancy rainbow electro-plate over the coil.


Because this is coil instead of metal teeth, it is soft against your hand when you reach into your bag or pocket.

Dress up a boring backpack, ipad cover, slipcover or pillow.

The coil is just a little larger than a standard #5 coil so I have designated them a #7.  When purchasing just pulls, make sure the number (#7 or #5) matches the tape (#7 or #5).

If we have talked over the phone, you know that I will bore you with zipper facts...... there are thousands of zipper manufacturers in the world & most have their own quality tape, coil, thread (coil is sewn onto the tape to form the zipper).  There is a bunch of cheaply made rainbow coil zipper out there, but not mine!  The tape is substantial, woven tightly & the electroplating on this coil will last a long time.

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