I stock 2 weights of SEPARATING Invisible Zippers:
       #4 - A medium weight zipper on knitted or tricot tape
       #6 - Heavy duty invisible zipper for costumes and jackets on a twill tape

Invisible SEPARATING zippers work well in clothing that isn't tight.  

Invisible zippers, of any type, are not as strong as standard coil zippers because of the way they are made.  The coil folds to the back of the zipper.  That means that zipping the zipper is a little more tricky.  When they get stuck, back the pull off & GENTLY slide the zipper closed.  If you have a tendency to jerk on your zippers, you will NOT like these.  Buy an "invisible identical" zipper instead.

Most sites that you see stock "almost" invisible zippers NOT separating invisible zippers.  I stock a few "almost" invisible or "invisible identical" zippers.  They are actually #3 or #5 standard coil zippers that are reversed with the teeth in the back of the zipper.  I also have some pulls here in my site that will reverse the standard coil zipper for use in bridal gowns & costuming.  They work great in clothing that you would like the invisible look but need more strength.

Basic colors (white, ivory, black) are stocked in different lengths.  Click on the picture below to see options & prices.

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Lime #4 SEPARATING Invisible - 26
$12.95  $7.50
Taxi #4 SEPARATING Invisible - 26
$12.95  $7.50
Baby Yellow #4 SEPARATING Invisible - 26
$12.95  $7.50
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