#10 Molded Tooth w/ Long Pulls Head to Head
#10 Molded Tooth w/ Long Pulls Head to Head

Red #10 Molded Tooth Zipper Yardage

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1 Yard ($2.95/yd)
2 Yards ($2.95/yd)
3 Yards ($2.95/yd)
4 Yards ($2.95/yd)
5 Yards ($2.70/yd)
10 Yards ($2.65/yd)
20 Yards ($2.45/yd)
50 Yards ($2.15/yd.)
100 Yards ($1.75/yd.)
Long Pulls:
1 Pull (.85 ea.)
2 Pulls
4 Pulls
5 Pulls
10 Pulls (.80 ea.)
25 Pulls (.75 ea.)
#10 MOLDED TOOTH Zipper is  3/8" across the closed teeth 
Across total tape & coil is 1.5"
Long pulls: non-locking body with 1-3/8" pull

Molded plastic teeth, Tape is polyester

Use this zipper in messenger bags or purses. I would not recommend it for continued outdoor use on a boat or tarp.  Most of my marine zippers are warranted for 7 years, if properly taken care of.  These are only warranted for 2 years.

If you are replacing a zipper in a back-packing tent, use #5 or #8. #10 zipper is too heavy. 

Making boat cushions? Use #5 coil zipper.

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