Navy #4 Invisible SEPERATING on Mesh Tape
Navy #4 Invisible SEPERATING on Mesh Tape

Navy #4 SEPARATING Invisible - 26,30,42"

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PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a ski jacket that you are replacing the zipper in, you probably don't have an INVISIBLE zipper in it. What you have is a REVERSE zipper.  I currently only stock them in black. I have attached them below this sale so you can see a picture of it.

I stock these SEPARATING Invisible zippers in numerous lengths.

THESE ARE NOT INVISIBLE IDENTICAL zippers like everyone else sells!  This is a true invisible zipper, that separates at the bottom like a jacket zipper separates.  I do stock some IDENTICAL zippers, but these are not it!

#4 is a medium weight invisible SEPARATING zipper on a mesh instead of a twill tape.  This makes the zipper more flexible for use in lighter weight fabrics like satin or jersey or sport knits.  I initially purchased these for fancy horse clothes for a friend.  They are now used in bicycle jerseys, evening clothes, blouses, and anywhere you need your garment to open completely, but don't want the zipper to show.

Invisible zippers are NEVER as strong as a standard coil zipper.  If you have questions about your application, email or call.  We are always here to help!

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