Naturals in 3 different Shades - 200 yards
Left to Right: Canvas, Dark Cream, Grayed Pale Olive

Naturals in 3 different Shades - 200 yards

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Dark Cream
Grayed Pale Olive
200 Yard Spool
2 Spools @ 200 yds/ea.
Short Pulls:
100 pulls - .15/ea.
200 pulls - .15/ea.
300 pulls - .15/ea.
400 pulls - .15/ea.
600 pulls - .15/ea.
800 pulls - .15/ea.
1000 pulls - .15/ea.
GREAT Neutrals! Great Price! 

Only a few rolls left of these 3 Shades:
    Canvas: just a bit darker than ivory
     Dark Cream: a grayed cream
     Grayed Pale Olive: very pale light olive with a hint of gray

These are not my normal colors, dyed for a furniture manufacturer.  

200 yard roll
Nylon coil.  Polyester Tape.  Inherently UV protected.

Short auto-lock pulls for upholstery.

#5 Nylon Coil Zipper is stronger & bigger than #3.  #5 means 5mm across the closed coil vs. 3mm across the closed coil.  I've been using this coil zipper since 1994. So much better than metal zipper.  Easy to sew over.  Won't shrink on a slipcover.

And of course, if your order is over $100, the shipping is free!

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