Marshmallow #5 Coil - 25 yds + 35 Short Pulls
Marshmallow with SHORT Auto-Lock Pulls

Marshmallow #5 Coil - 25 yds + 35 Short Pulls

On sale $34.95
Part Number:marsh.5.25sale
Marshmallow is off-white.  Great for slipcovers in natural canvas.

Pricing: $1.00/yard
                 .25/short auto-lock pulls

#5 Nylon Coil Zipper is stronger & heavier than #3.  #5 is also stronger than #5 metal or brass toothed zipper that we've used for upholstery for years.  This zipper is great for cushions, upholstery, slipcovers, purses, tents & dog beds.

If you are an upholsterer, check "UPHOLSTERY" for larger put-ups of zipper in white, tan & black.

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