Khaki #7 Coil with Long Pull on Non-Locking Body or Slider
Khaki #7 Coil with Long Pull on Non-Locking Body or Slider

Khaki #7 Coil Yardage

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Continuous Yardage:
1 yard - $2/yd.
2 yards - $2/yd.
3 yards - $2/yd.
4 yards - $2/yd.
5 yards - $2/yd.
10 yds.- 1.85/yd.
15 yds. - 1.80/yd.
20 yds. - 1.75/yd.
25 yds. -1.15/yd.
50 yds. - 1.00/yd.
100 yds. - .90/yd.
200 yds. - .80/yd.
Khaki #7 coil zipper yardage

7mm coil instead of #5 or 5mm coil.
Numerous upholstery customers are liking this 7mm in outdoor cushions and leather cushions.

Currently I don't have matching pulls for this color.  They are on order.  So any #7 pull in this section will work.

Yes, this is YKK #5 coil.  So if you have #5 or 5mm YKK pulls, they will fit on this tape, maybe.

Very confusing! YKK has several different manufacturing plants and they call all their zipper #5, but there are different diameters of the "fish line" that makes the coil.  This makes #5 heads or sliders fit tightly on the larger diameter coil.  SO I have #7 heads that fit this zipper better.  If you are in the UK or Europe, you call this #7 Euro.

This size coil is used in upholstery, some bags (if you purchased YKK #5 purse zipper, it's probably #7 on my site), & lots of outdoor gear including sleeping bags & tents.  Clear as mud?

You can always send me a 6" strip of your zipper tape & I'll try all the pulls on it to see if any fit.

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