#10 Heavy Duty Long Zipper Pull
#10 Heavy Duty Long Zipper Pull

Ivory #10 COIL Single Long Pull

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Long Pulls:
1 Long - 1.85/ea.
2 Longs - 1.85/ea.
3 Longs - 1.85/ea.
4 Longs - 1.85/ea.
5 Longs - 1.85/ea.
10 Longs - 1.50/ea.
15 Longs - 1.50/ea.
25 Longs - .95/ea.
50 Longs - .90/ea.
Ivory or off-white coil & tape
#10 Coil Zipper
Ivory matching slider with 1 pull
Pull is 2" long on a non-locking body or slide

#10 Coil zippers are great for use outdoors.  The coil is nylon and the tape is polyester.  

This is NOT a separating zipper, nor can it be made into one.  (Separating zippers are like jacket zippers.)  It needs to have 1 end attached to fabric & the other can be free or open.  Just remember to order 2 top stops per zipper for the open ends.

#10 zipper is best for side-wall tents, golf carts, heavy applications.  If you are making cushions, even boat cushions, use #5 coil.  Handbags are best with #5, #8 or #9.  Messenger bags are best with #5, #8, #9 or for a bit of flair, #10.  But #10 zipper is heavy as well as big.

I have done a test by putting this zipper outdoors for over 5 years at my house: Colorado, 6500' above sea level, on the south side of my house in basting sun.  After 5 years it still works! I haven't used any Burt's Bees lip balm on it, but I have washed it 3-4 times every summer.  This year I will dress the coils with a bit of lip balm (what I have in my pocket) after I wash the drapery.  There is a better product out there for dressing outdoor zippers or my bike chain, but Burt's Bees is always in my pocket!

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