Ivory Molded Tooth #5 Plastic 1-way Separating Zipper
Ivory Molded Tooth #5 Plastic 1-way Separating Zipper

IVORY #5 Molded Tooth - 10" to 30"

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Part Number:ivory.5m.10,14,18,26,30"

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10" 1way separating
14" 1way separating
18" 1way separating
26" 1-way separating
30" 1-way separating:
1 pair
Available in:
Ivory or Off-White
1 way separating
#5 Molded Tooth, polyester tape zipper.

This would be a good replacement zipper for jackets, ski coats, kids items.  Easily shortened from the top for your project. Videos above to help you easily shorten zippers.

If you need to shorten this zipper, order 2 Top Stops for #5 zippers.  The top stops keep the pull from running off the top of your zipper.

This is a molded or plastic toothed zipper. Great for use in kidlette's clothes or covers, light to medium weight adult jackets, sweaters.

The #5 means that the closed coil is 5mm across.  So a #3 would be 3mm across & is a standard dress weight zipper.  Or a #5 would be 5mm across which is used in ski jackets, hoodies, dog beds, upholstery & cushions because of it's strength.

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