Gold 24" Separating Zipper

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Part Number:4.5sep-24gold
24" Coil #4.5 Separating Zipper

Easily shortened to the size you need.

A #4.5 is between a #3 (dress weight) & #5 (used for cushions, backpacks).  
These zippers are sturdy but flexible.  Great for light weight jackets, choir robes, bath robes.
The tab or pull is small & locking, so that it can blend in to your garment when worn.

Coil is the type of zipper.  There are toothed zippers, either molded nylon or metal and coil zippers.  Coil zippers are actually stronger than toothed zippers.  Think about how much surface area touches on a coil.

If you are not sure what type of zipper you need for your project, email or give a call.

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