Who would have thought that uncommon crafts can come out of common craft supplies such as zippers? With a slew of zippers that come in all the possible colors and sizes you could ever need, there is no reason why you can't experiment with them and come up with something creative to keep or give away these holidays.

Below are some novel suggestions on what crafty creations can come out of versatile zippers.

Earbud Covers

If you are tired of dealing with the tangled wires of your earbuds, the solution is quite simple: Find a way for them to never come in contact with each other again. But how? A zipper, of course! Simply tuck the wires of your earbuds into each side of a #5 coil zipper and stitch the zipper tape towards the wrong side to enclose each wire. Pull the zipper all the way down first before sewing each wire unto the zipper tape. When in your purse, keep them zipped up and only unzip when it's time for you to listen to a podcast or favorite tune.

Zipper Purse

For this project, you would need by-the-yard zippers so you can make the purse as big as you like with a continuous zip. You would need to be handy with a sewing machine for this project to look professional, but you can try starting small by sewing by hand to see how it goes. As you become more confident with the needle, you can get bolder with your project, too. This would make an excellent present to the fashion-forward people in your life.


A very simple project you can put together in a hurry, zipper necklaces require no more than sewing supplies and some odd button or earring huge enough to balance out the wideness of the zipper. Glue whatever oddment you have found to a black poker chip and finally glue that chip onto the slider end of the zipper when it is fully unzipped. Add a chain and clasp on both ends of the zipper ribbon. You can shorten the necklace by zipping it up.


Zipper Lamp

If you are really the handy type, a more challenging project would be a zipper lamp in which you would need more than just by-the-yard zipper and the ability to sew. This can be a rewarding project though if you have a tired old lamp waiting for an upgrade anyway. But if you just know the sewing part and not the putting together of wires and bulbs and socket part, then have an electrician do all the wirings for you.