July 13 Elastic Update.....

I have 6 spools, 200 yards, of white in stock.

There are a few yards of the heavier elastic in black left.

This has been an interesting time where I have had complaints that the elastic is too thin, too heavy, too stiff, too flimsy, won't wash or autoclave numerous times, etc.

So the yardage is a bit wider, no picot edge.  It IS heavier so that it can be autoclaved or washed in hot water & dried in a hot dryer to kill bacteria & virus.  I have been using it & LOVE it.  Several friends that are making masks that go behind the head instead of around the ears really like it for a long-term mask.

The yardage is thinner.  Has a picot edge.  Knitted.
The complaints are that it is too thin, unravels if you don't put at least a 1" tab into the seam.  Won't autoclave more than 2 or 3 times.  Do not bleach!

I've used both types of elastic & find both have their pluses & minuses.  My preference is for the heavier yardage but am trying to address other concerns by having the yardage made specific to your mask making needs.

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