Darker Brown #3 Molded Plastic 2-way Separating Zipper
Darker Brown #3 Molded Plastic 2-way Separating Zipper

Dark Brown 2-way Separating #3 Molded Jacket Zipper 28"

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#3 Molded Tooth 2-way Separating Zipper

28" long.
The photo of this zipper looks black, but it is really a DARK brown.
2-way separating means that it will open from the bottom & top.
#3 Molded Tooth works best in lightweight jackets, kidlette things.

Molded Tooth Zipper or Vislon type from YKK or "sport" zipper.  Molded tooth is the tissue, Vislon is Kleenex, sport is the type of clothing it has usually been used in.

Molded Tooth Zippers come in several different sizes: #3, #5, #8, #10 & #15.  The size of the tooth gets larger as the size gets larger.  #3 & #5 are about the same strength, but #3 is more flexible than the larger #5.  #8 & #10 are less strong & #15 looks really big & strong, but isn't.  #15 is just cool to look at.

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