DARK GRAY #6 Invisible Heads

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#6 Invisible Heads/Sliders:
1 Slider - .85/ea.
2 Sliders - .85/ea.
4 Sliders - .85/ea.
5 Sliders - .85/ea.
10 Sliders - .85/ea.
15 Sliders - .80/ea.
20 Sliders - .75/ea.
25 Sliders - .75/ea.
30 Sliders - .75/ea.
35 Sliders - .70/ea.
40 Sliders - .70/ea.
45 Sliders - .70/ea.
50 Sliders - .65/ea.
60 Sliders - .65/ea.
75 Sliders - .65/ea.
80 Sliders - .65/ea.
100 Sliders - .60/ea.
DARK GRAY is my darkest gray, but I wouldn't call it charcoal.  Charcoal is more black than gray to me.

These are simply the pulls or sliders or zipper-uppers.....

A #6 or #5 invisible is the largest invisible zipper made.  My pulls will fit on most, not all, #5 invisible zipper tape.

Quick tip: if a pull doesn't fit on the end of the coil, turn the coil around & try the other end..... sometimes it works!

Tip #2: Invisible zipper has a little fold in it that folds the coil to the back.  So no, you can't use this on STANDARD COIL tape to make it an invisible zipper.  Use a reverse pull or head to make a standard coil zipper almost invisible.

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