Dark Cream #3 Coil Zipper w/ Short Auto-Lock Pulls
Dark Cream #3 Coil Zipper w/ Short Auto-Lock Pulls

DARK CREAM #3 Zipper - 50 yds.

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50 yard roll
2nd Roll
Short Auto-Lock Sliders:
10 Sliders - .35/ea.
20 Sliders - .35/ea.
25 Sliders - .32/ea.
50 Sliders - .27/ea.
75 Sliders - .23/ea.
100 Sliders - .20/ea.
200 Sliders
300 Sliders
400 Sliders
Dark Cream
#3 or 3mm standard coil yardage
50 yard spool

I have been looking for a replacement for boring BEIGE.  Dark Cream is darker than cream & linen, lighter than tan.  Has a bit of gold in it.  It's quickly becoming my favorite color.

#3 coil zipper is 3mm across the coil when closed. Coil is nylon & the twill tape is polyester.

I use #3 in pillows, duvet covers, chair pads.  It is very flexible but strong. Washes well!

There are 3 spools of #5 as well......

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