CANVAS #5 Zipper - 200 yard roll
Canvas #5 Coil Upholstery Zipper Yardage

CANVAS #5 Zipper - 200 yard roll

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200 Yard Spool
2 Spools @ 200 yds/ea.
Short Pulls:
100 pulls - .20/ea.
200 pulls - .20/ea.
300 pulls - .18/ea.
400 pulls - .18/ea.
600 pulls - .16/ea.
800 pulls - .16/ea.
1000 pulls - .15/ea.
Canvas or Creamy Dark Natural
200 yard roll
Nylon coil.  Polyester Tape.  Inherently UV protected.

Short auto-lock pulls for upholstery.

#5 Nylon Coil Zipper is stronger & bigger than #3.  #5 means 5mm across the closed coil vs. 3mm across the closed coil. 

I've been a slipcover maker since 1976.  I've been using this particular zipper since 1994 for upholstery & slipcovers.  To date, no failure of the zippers even after many washings, kids & dogs.  I want my slipcover & cushion customers recommending me to their friends not complaining because the zipper broke!

Superior to the metal toothed zippers that we used for years because it washes well & does not rust.  If you are still using the old metal zipper, give yourself a gift of nylon coil..... no more broken needles, sew the zipper in before putting the pull on, pull goes on either end of the zipper & you have happier long-term clients! Yes, this is more expensive per yard than the old metal stuff, but it takes about half the time to install.

#5 coil zippers is great for purses, tents, dog beds, outdoor & boat upholstery. 

This is a color that I had especially dyed for a customer.  It is a bit darker than my standard ivory, a bit lighter than my cream, a bit more creamy than natural....... FABULOUS for denim slipcovers!

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