#5 Coil Water Resistant Separating Zipper
#5 Coil Water Resistant Separating Zipper

Black Water Resistant Separating - 24"

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23" Long:
1 Zipper - $6.95
3 Zippers - $6.25/ea
6 Zippers - $5.90/ea
12 Zippers - $5.50/ea
TOP STOPS (to shorten your zipper from the top)
1 pair
3 pair
6 pair
12 pair
Black Water Resistant Zipper
1 way separating
#5  or 5mm Nylon Coil on polyester tape

NOT Water Proof!  Only resistant.  Every needle hole allows water to penetrate so use waterproof liquid to fill the holes.

Easily shortened from the top for your project.

If you need to shorten this zipper, order 2 Top Stops for #5 zippers.  The top stops keep the pull from running off the top of your zipper.

#5's & #7's coil zippers are pretty interesting because different manufacturers use different diameter nylon to make virtually the same zipper.  Not a big enough difference to worry about UNLESS you are replacing the zipper head (the part that opens & closes the zipper).

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