Black #5 Molded Reversible Zipper Pull
Black #5 Molded Reversible Zipper Pull

Black Reversible #5 Molded Head

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Over-the-Top Pull on #5 Molded Zipper Head

The pull moves over the top of the zipper head so you can use either side of the zipper tape.  The picture shows the "U" channel that the pull moves in.

This zipper head or slider fits my #5 molded tape or separating zippers (jacket zipper = separating zipper).  Easily replaces the head on my long zippers so that you can use in a sleeping bag, tent, zippered long-arm quilt leaders.

Click on #10 marine category to see the embedded video on how to do this..... I'll try to figure it out to add here.  Still learning computers......

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