Double #10 Metal Pull for MOLDED Zipper
Double #10 Metal Pull for MOLDED Zipper

Black Double Pull for #10 Molded Tooth Zipper

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Double Long Non-Lock Pulls:
1 Double - 2.25/ea.
2 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
3 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
4 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
5 Doubles - 2.25/ea.
10 Doubles - 2.05/ea.
15 Doubles - 2.05/ea.
20 Doubles - 2.05/ea.
25 Doubles - 1.95/ea.
50 Doubles- 1.50/ea.
Double Long Pull

These pulls fit my Black #10 Molded Tooth Zipper Tape. 
They MIGHT fit your YKK zipper tape.  
Great in marine applications or where you would like to open a zipper from both the outside & inside, ie a yurt or dome.
Non-locking body or head or slider.
Pull is approximately 2" long.

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