#3 on Top, #5 Zipper on Bottom
#3 on Top, #5 Zipper on Bottom

Black Coil #5 Hammock - 10' & 11'

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120" - $12.95/ea.
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TOP STOPS (to shorten your zipper from the top)
1 pair
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6 pair
12 pair
These are medium weight #5 nylon coil zippers for use in hammocks, costumes, kid's play tents, rain-flies.

Separating means the zipper comes completely apart at the bottom with a metal box & pin. There is a pull on both the inside & outside of the zipper.

If I was installing a rain shield on my hammock, I would start the zipper "bottom" or the box & pin on the side, not at the head or feet.  Then sew the other zipper around the opposite side.  Or off-set the zipper a bit by starting it closer to your face & unzipping up around your head.

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