Black #6 SEPARATING Invisible Zippers - 18" - 46"
Black Heavy Weight Invisible Separating Zipper

Black #6 SEPARATING Invisible Zippers - 18" - 46"

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18" Zipper - $11.95
20" Zipper - $13.50
26" Zipper - $16.95
30" Zipper - $18.95
46" Zipper - $24.95
PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a ski jacket that you are replacing the zipper in, you probably don't have an INVISIBLE zipper in it. What you have is a REVERSE zipper.  I currently only stock them in black. I have attached them below this sale so you can see a picture of it.

Separating Zippers are easily shortened from the top.

Use this Heavy Weight  Separating Invisible zipper in a jacket, costume or evening gown where you don't want to see a zipper.

Invisible zippers come in #2, #4, and #6 (the number is the width of the teeth in mm.)
#2 is the standard dress zipper that you will find in a fabric store (unless it's a store carrying my zipper). These are light weight.
#4 is a little heavier & works great for bride's maid dresses, pillows, duvet covers. I stock #4's in a medium weight SEPARATING zipper also. 
#6 is the heaviest available currently & I stock #6 in cut zippers for wedding gowns or yardage for cushions, and these SEPARATING zippers for jackets.

Invisible zippers are NEVER as strong as a standard coil zipper. 

If you need more than 6 zippers, give me a call!  Because these are so expensive, I don't stock hundreds in each length.  I can order for you with about 2-3 week lead times.

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