Black #5 Molded Separating Zipper
Black #5 Molded Separating Zipper

Black #5 Molded - 40"

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Part Number:blk.5m.19-31

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TOP STOPS (to shorten your zipper from the top)
1 pair
Black Molded Teeth Vislon or Sport Zipper
1 way separating with a nice size pull
#5 Molded Plastic on polyester tape

This would be a good replacement zipper for a robe.

If you need to shorten this zipper, order 2 Top Stops.  The top stops keep the pull from running off the top of your zipper.

The #5 means that the closed teeth are 5mm across.  Usually you will find a #5 molded in your jacket, also known as a "sport" zipper.

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