Single LONG Pull for #10 COIL
Single LONG Pull for #10 COIL

Black #10 Single Pull for COIL Zipper

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Part Number:blk.10c.lpull

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Long Pulls:
1 Long - 1.85/ea.
2 Longs - 1.85/ea.
3 Longs - 1.85/ea.
4 Longs - 1.85/ea.
5 Longs - 1.85/ea.
10 Longs - 1.50/ea.
15 Longs - 1.50/ea.
25 Longs - .95/ea.
50 Longs - .90/ea.
Single pull for #10 COIL zipper.

Metal pull with UV protected black paint.
This is a non-locking body with a long pull, almost 2" long.
This fits specifically a #10 COIL zipper (not molded tooth).

If you have questions about what types of sliders/pulls/zippers to order, please give me a much easier than sending them back!
cell: 970-231-1434

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