Beige #4 Invisible Zipper Yardage
Beige #4 Invisible Zipper Yardage

Beige #4 Invisible: 50 yds & 80 pulls

On sale $60.00
Part Number:beige.4.50y
Pillow or Medium Weight #4 Invisible Yardage

Beige: 2021 we are changing beige to be a little less pink. A tiny bit lighter than linen.
Sale: 50 yards & 80 matching pulls (or 1 pull per 22"

Pulls or Heads are NOT on the tape.  #4 invisible is easy to put your pulls on.  Watch my video:  INVISIBLE ZIPPERS

I dye all my colors the same.  Well, almost.  There are always dye lots.....  And I change the colors to better blend with fabrics coming into my workroom.

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