Baby Blue #4.5 Coil Separating Zipper

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1 pair
24" Coil #4.5 Separating Zipper
1-way separating or open ended zipper
Good weight for a bike jersey, light weight or kidlette jackets.
Easily shortened to the size you need. Purchase #5 Top Stops to shorten this zipper.

A #4.5 is between a #3 (dress weight) & #5 (used in ski jackets). 
The tab or pull is small & locking, so that it can blend in to your garment when worn.  If you don't like this zipper head/pull combo, go to 4.5 YARDAGE & select a pull. (Change out the pull when you shorten the zipper)

If you are putting this in a baby sweater, I would use this gauge zipper up to an 8 needle with worsted yarn.

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