Rainbow Electro-Plated #7 Pulls
Rainbow Electro-Plated #7 Pulls

#7 Rainbow Rectangle Pulls

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Part Number:rainbow.7.solid
Rainbow electroplated finish
1" long

These pulls fit my #7 coil.  But they may fit your #5 coil, depending on where you purchased it.

#5 & #7 are supposed to be coil that are 5mm & 7mm.  But different manufacturers use these numbers interchangeably.  These pulls fit my #7 coil.  #7 is a #5 nylon coil with electroplate over it making it bigger in diameter.

#7 coil is great for the outside of bags.  I stock rainbow coil in #3 size also for inside pockets.

Each pull is different!  Some purple & turquoise, some gold & purple.  They look GREAT on rainbow coil!

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