Black #7 Coil with Non-Locking  Head with LONG Pull
Black #7 Coil with Non-Locking Head with LONG Pull

#7 Coil - 100 yd. Spools

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Short Auto-Lock Sliders:
25 Sliders - .45/ea.
50 Sliders - .45/ea.
75 Sliders - .45/ea.
100 Sliders - .40/ea.
200 Sliders - .40/ea.
Long Non-Locking Sliders:
25 Long - .69/ea.
50 Long - .69/ea.
75 Long - .69/ea.
100 Long - .50/ea.
200 Long Pulls - .50/ea.
I have 2 spools left at 100 yards each.
This is the end of my OLD stock that I want to move out.

#5 vs. #7 coil:

This particular coil is not standardized world-wide.
YKK calls this #5 but other manufacturers call this a #7.
The difference between these sizes is the diameter of the nylon filament & how densely the coils are sewn onto the tape.  

A millimeter is pretty small but it is big enough to create a problem with the zipper heads. So my #7 coil zipper heads fit this particular tape.  (But if you have YKK coil heads, they MIGHT fit.)

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