#10 Molded Tooth Long Zipper
#10 Molded Tooth Long Zipper

68"-282" Ivory #10 Molded Tooth 1-way Long Separating Zippers

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68" - 9.95
102" - 15.95
138" - 18.95
172" - 22.95
210" - 26.95
282" - 32.55
Stainless Top Stops:
2 Top Stops (1 for each side of the tape)
This is a #10 molded tooth, 1 way separating LOOOOONG zipper.

#10 is 10mm across the closed plastic teeth.
Polyester tape that is inherently UV resistant.

10mm is a little bigger than I use on my quilting machine, but lots of my friends use these.

Made domestically, they are good for sleeping bags, bug tents, zipping your bed skirt onto your boxsprings, making kiddo tents, making custom bedding for your Airstream, your imagination is the limit!

Easily cut down FROM THE TOP for your use.  Just add stainless steel topstops.

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