#3 or 3mm Light Weight Separating
#3 or 3mm Light Weight Separating

42" White 1-way Separating #3 Coil Zipper

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TOP STOPS (to shorten your zipper from the top)
1 pair
#3 Coil 1-way Separating Zipper with standard pull.

#3 Coil is a light, flexible zipper for use in dresses, choir robes or bath robes. These work best for small fingers.  If you are replacing a choir robe zipper for a man, I would recommend a larger pull & possibly a 2-way separating so that sitting down is easier.

All separating zippers are easily shortened from the top.

#3 box & pin's have a tendency to be "tight" when you get it.  So I gently open the slot on the side with the screw driver that I use to put needles in my sewing machine with.  Be careful!

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