Separating Mirror Finish #15 Metal on Black
Separating Mirror Finish #15 Metal on Black

36" Mirror Silver Metal #15 on White Tape

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36" Long

Silver Mirror finish metal teeth on White Tape.

#15, 1 Way Separating Jacket or Dress Zipper.

This is a beautiful fashion zipper with shiny silver metal teeth.  The shiny silver pull is 1-3/4" long.  Teeth have been buffed for a smooth movement & are 12mm (1/2") across when closed.

I use an awl to open the top stop & needle noise pliers to remove excess teeth to shorten this zipper.   To reapply the top stops, use a bit of fabric against the stop to keep from scratching the surface when using pliers to reclamp the stop down.

Think about using this zipper upside down in a dress?  Or with the pull at the hem line......

I NEVER shorten a zipper until I have it sewn in to my garment.  I've cut too short one too many times!

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