Black #3 Almost Invisible or REVERSE Separating on Mesh Tape
Black #3 Almost Invisible or REVERSE Separating on Mesh Tape

#3 REVERSE Separating 20"-36"

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1 pair
#3 Coil 1-way Separating Zipper with REVERSE Pull
Mesh tape

This is a standard #3 coil zipper with the head reversed so it rides on the back of the tape.  Also called an ALMOST Invisible or Invisible Identical zipper.

THIS IS NOT a zipper with a pull on either side of the zipper head.  Or a REVERSIBLE zipper.

Light weight zipper for use in bodices, evening frocks, light weight fabrics, sweaters in finger or sock weight yarn, costumes, pockets.

I am seeing this configuration in a #3 (3mm across the closed coil) on light weight jackets but on a "waterproof" tape.  Disclaimer...... not really waterproof but the tape has a rubberized look to it.

If you are replacing a broken #3 on a jacket, I would recommend replacing with a #5 in the same configuration.  Why?  The #3 has a small pin & box that wear quickly.  Tiny coil on a #3 doesn't work easily with snow or ice in it. Plus with the coil on the back of the tape, the tape is over the coil a little bit which makes it harder to line up from side to side.  The other thing I am noticing is that the pull is in the wrong (left) hand side of these jackets which makes it harder for right handed (75% of the population) to operate. 

After doing much market research in the ski lines at Vail & Steamboat (oh darn), I have just ordered a series of zippers to replace those #3's with #5's on ski jackets.  Of course they won't be in before the end of ski season (I was too busy skiing & not ordering), but you will be able to replace the zippers this summer.

PS- the pull will be on the right side of the jacket zipper when it is on you.

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