Craft Zippers for Making Pea Pods
Craft Zippers for Making Pea Pods

#3 Coil: 6 Colors & 40 Long Pulls

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Orange & Yellows
Aquas & Turquoise
Reds & Pinks
White & Black
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This is a selection of 40 LONG pulls in bright, candy colors for #3 coil zipper tape.

6 Colors in 1 yard pieces (6 yards total)
Select a color range, just 1 range.  I will send you a selection of pinks, if that is the range you pick.  

IF you want specific colors, please select 1 yard lengths of the colors that you want on the Craft Zipper Page.  IF you select more than one (1) range here, we will send you the FIRST that you picked.

These color RANGES are already pre-packed.

These are great for little pouches, bags, Sweetpea Pods.

How to put the pulls on in "Videos" above.

Pulls are 1" long.

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