20"-110" #3 Coil REVERSE Head on Separating Zipper

20"-110" #3 Coil REVERSE Head on Separating Zipper

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110" - (think about un-zipping the tail off a wedding gown)

#3 Coil 1-way Separating Zipper with REVERSE Pull.

This is an ALMOST invisible zipper or a REVERSE zipper.  Some manufacturers actually call this an INVISIBLE zipper, but that is incorrect. Some manufacturers call these invisible identical, which is closer....

What this zipper is: #3 coil, instead of invisible zipper tape, with a pull on that puts the actual zipper bump in the back of the zipper.  Gives you a clean, smooth look LIKE an INVISIBLE zipper but much stronger.

When you sew in this zipper, stitch the seam allowance to the tape CLOSE to the teeth, then press the fabric over the zipper to match the other side.  Use your blind hemmer to give it a hand picked look.  In my videos, I call this the Almost Invisible Technique.  Easy to do. Strong.

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