Antique Brass #10 Metal Zipper
Antique Brass #10 Metal Zipper

#10 Antique Brass on Black Jacket Zipper - 18", 26", 30", 36"

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18" - $6.95
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30" - $9.95
36" - $12.95
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1 pair

#10 Antique Brass on Black

1-way Separating Jacket Zipper

Quality, heavy duty zipper on black tape.  I got these zippers because my brother's Carharts Jacket needed a new zipper.

These zippers would be good on a Harley Vest, or your overalls, or a little black dress.

This picture was taken on my 1" grid mat so you could get the scale of the zipper.  It's REALLY big! Incredibly strong!

Easily shortened.  Just add 2 top stops to your order.

Use a bit of beeswax on the teeth to keep the zipper moving smoothly.

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