White #4.5 Coil Separating Zipper w/ LOCKING PULL
White #4.5 Coil Separating Zipper w/ LOCKING PULL

#4.5 Coil Separating - 24"

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#4.5 Coil Zipper w/ LOCKING Pull

A standard jacket zipper is a #5 or 5mm.  This is a teensy (.5mm) bit small so this is a great zipper for light weight fabrics or sweaters.

The pull is a LOCKING pull which means it has 2 little fangs on the back of the pull that actively push into the coil to keep the pull from opening or closing.  If you don't want that type of pull, order a AUTO-LOCK pull from the selection in the 4.5 Coil Category on the left.

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