If you are replacing cushions on a sofa, making outdoor cushions or a window seat cushion, #5 coil is the best!

Price is NOT how you purchase a zipper!  The real cost of a zipper is the labor to install it in your project.  So if you buy a cheap zipper, you really don't save money if you need to replace it because it breaks or pops.

I have been using these #5 coil zippers in my slipcovers, cushions, upholstery for over 15 years.  NEVER had the zipper break unless it was operator error.

The price is right on 200 yard spools because I purchase so many of them.

Of course, if you have problems I ALWAYS want to hear from you.
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Bottom Stops for #5 zipper
Reverse Pull #5 Coil Zipper
GOLDEN BEIGE  #5 Zipper - 25 yds. + 40 Pulls
$58.75  $26.75
IVORY  #5 Zipper - 25 yds.- sale
$26.75  $19.00
BLACK #5 Zipper - 25 yds
$26.75  $19.90
Tan  #5 Zipper - 200 yard roll - sale
$160.00  $98.75
TAN  #5 Zipper - 25 yds. + Pulls
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