SALE:   Heavy Duty #6 Invisible Yardage:    25 yds/35 pulls       35% Off
White, Silky White, Ivory, Dark Gray
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SALE: Heavy Duty #6 Invisible Yardage: 25 yds/35 pulls 35% Off

Part Number:Sale.6.25y


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Silky White
Dark Gray


Invisible Heavy Duty Zipper: #6 (#5 from other manufacturers*)
Colors Available in this Sale:
  White, Silky White (just off white), Ivory, Dark Gray

25 yards of 1 color on a roll = $2.25 x 25 = $56.25
35 matching pulls = $.75 x 35 = $26.25
Total =    $82.50
35% off = $53.62/per roll

If you are a Workroom Resource Member, you get an additional 10% off.

Pulls or Heads are NOT on the tape.  #6 invisible is easy to put your pulls on.  Watch my video:  INVISIBLE ZIPPERS

I dye all my colors the same.  Well, almost.  There are always dye lots.....  And I change the colors to better blend with fabrics coming into my workroom.

What does the #5 or #6 mean? 
    It's the mm size when the zipper is closed.  So Brand X is 5mm across the closed coil.  Mine is 5.8mm across the closed coil.  Every manufacturer has a different machine that makes the coil, different tape to sew the coil on to, different SIZE or diameter of nylon cord to make the coil zipper from.  My heads will fit on others tape, sometimes...... If you are ordering just heads to fit tape you already have, tell me the manufacturer or where you purchased the other heavy duty invisible zipper tape & I can tell you if they will fit.

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