Rhinestone Zippers

Rhinestone zippers make a simple black jacket, simply fabulous dall-ling!

The large rhinestone zipper is considered a #8 or 8mm across the teeth, while the remainder that I stock are a #5 or 5mm rhinestone tooth.

Use these zippers in jackets or dresses.  I would NOT recommend sitting on this zipper.  

I've tested these in a washing machine and dry cleaned.  When washing use a "delicate" setting & turn the garment inside out.  Dry cleaning can loosen the stones so pick a good dry cleaner.  Hand-washing your garment is preferred with the garment inside out.  

Custom orders are always welcome.  You can pick tape color, size of rhinestone tooth, clear or color of the rhinestone, length, type of pull, separating or closed bottom... 

Minimums for custom zippers are 300 pieces with a manufacturing time of about 3 weeks.
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