BLACK #5 Zipper - 200 yard roll - sale
#5 Black Zipper by the Yardage

BLACK #5 Zipper - 200 yard roll - sale

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Part Number:blk.5.200sale

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Black is Back!

200 yard roll

#5 Nylon Coil Zipper is stronger & bigger than #3.  It is also stronger than #5 metal or brass toothed zipper that we've used for upholstery for years.  

#5 means the coil is 5mm across when closed.  Tape is 1-1/4" across.

This zipper is great for cushions, upholstery, slipcovers, purses, tents & dog beds. 

Colors will vary from monitor to monitor.  I am happy to send you samples of all the colors we dye.  For your "high tec" samples on a safety pin, give me a call or email me at with your mailing address.

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