10"-24" #3 ZIPPERS

These are closed bottom or finished individual zippers.

Each is cut to length & finished with bottom stop, top stops & a short, auto-lock slider.

Why is an auto-lock slider or heads the best for most applications?
      There are 3 basic types of sliders: locking, non-locking & auto-lock.
      Locking: Has 2 little prongs on the underneath side of the pull that physically push into the zipper to keep the slider from moving.  
        Non-locking: No mechanism to keep the pulls from moving.
      Auto-lock:  A little spring is inside the slider that is activated when you pull up on the pull & when you quit pulling then there is a little lock that drops on the coil to keep the zipper from opening.

I like the auto-lock because you don't have to think about pushing down on a locking pull.  It just happens.  Non-locking works on bags or sail covers, but not on your jeans!

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